Innovator, serial entrepreneur, and visionary. Ken’s prolific business journey began in Zimbabwe at the tender age of 18 with his first company. With a deep longing and desire to see economic emancipation through job creation and investment bought to the poor in Africa, Ken, a Harvard Alumni has since had over 100 companies and 30 partnerships in diverse industries and countries. Since 2006, Real Estate and property development have been his primary focus. He has done this with WestProp, a customer-centric, private developer of exceptional properties in Zimbabwe. With a firm belief in God, Family, and achieving the impossible, those values were put to the test 13 years ago when Ken survived a near-death experience whilst skiing. Ken now firmly believes that God’s gift to us is our life and what we do with it is our gift to Him. Achieving the Impossible – Sheer Determination – Absolute Resilience – Gut Perseverance – Never Give Up Attitude! This is Ken Sharpe.